Checking Out / Payments

1. How do I checkout?

When you're finished shopping and ready to checkout:

1. Select "Checkout" from the menu at the top of the screen or click the "go to checkout" button under your shopping cart.

2. Review your order and checkout

* Review your delivery address

* Type in any special instructions regarding substitutions, alternate contacts in case you will not be home, or details that will help the driver find you.

* Select "continue checkout"

  • * The next page will add in your delivery charge; then select "continue checkout" again.

    * Review your shopping cart. If any changes are needed you can edit your cart or shipping address.

    * When you're ready to finalise your order, select "Confirm the order."

    Congratulations, your order is complete. A page will be displayed which details your order number and delivery details. You will also receive an email confirming your order.

  • 2. How is my order confirmed?

    When you've checked out, you will receive a confirmation e-mail detailing your order number, all your products, quantities and price estimate for your order.

    3. Why an estimate?

    An estimated total is displayed because your final order total may slightly differ from the estimated total. Items in your order are charged at the price applicable at the time you submitted your order and as shown on the order confirmation, except:

    o When an item is out of stock you will not be charged for that item

    o If we substitute any item (which we do at your request only) you'll be charged the amount of the substitute item.

    o If you have ordered produce or a meat item (e.g. fish) that is priced per peice, the actual purchase price for this product is calculated by Helping Hands after the good has been weighed. The purchase price charged will be the lower of the purchase price per kilo applicable at the time you submitted your order and the purchase price per kilo applicable at the time your order is processed.

    4. Do I get a receipt or invoice?

    Yes, when your Customer Service Representative delivers your order, he will give you an Invoice with the details of all the products you've purchased. The Invoice will detail any substitutions or unavailable products.

    5. How is my order confirmed?

    You will receive confirmation e-mail once you have checked out. The e-mail will detail your order number, product list, quantities and prices. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail make sure that you have processed your order completely or contact us at for assistance.

    6. What are my payment options?

    At this time payment is cash only at the time of delivery. Please have your estimated order amount ready for your delivery driver, though change is available.

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